Contemporary Arts space

Since 2007

Tim Faulkner Gallery has been a cornerstone of the Louisville Art Scene since 2007 when it opened its doors on Market street. 

We Regularly rotate work throughout our space and feature pieces from both our core group as well as national and regional artists.

Tim Faulkner Gallery is comprised of a beautiful 2,500 square foot Main Gallery, 8 working artist studios and a fully stocked Art Bar providing a curated selection of the best craft beer, signature cocktails and fine wines. Rotating art exhibitions monthly as well a variety of performing arts events and community engagements.

The First Friday of Each


Opening Reception

6pm - 11pm

October Exhibition

Alayna Altman

Jade Camalia

Mark Zanni

Julie Payne

Chad McConnell

David Kegel

Hawk Alfredson

Margaret Archambault

Jes Allen

  Events & Exhibitions