The Gallery

Established in 2007, Tim Faulkner Gallery has an impressive collection of fine contemporary art. From it's start, the gallery has made an effort to provide a platform for artists to be the best artist they can be. The diversity of our collection and history clearly demonstrates our conviction to embracing artists from across the spectrum. 

Our main gallery showroom connects to our working studio spaces and rack room where collectors and art lovers will find some of the best visual art in the region.  We host regular monthly exhibits and artist showcases as well as a variety of performance art events. Here, we're all about celebrating art and artistry in every genre and encourage all too experience the space with us. 

Artists You'll Find
in the Gallery
tim faulkner
margaret archambault
waller austin
Damon Thompson
michael king
quincy owens
Purion Parker
Joshua Bleecker
Steve Squall
carol McLeod
Joel Feldman
Hawk Alfredson
Cameron Davis
Debra Kay Guess
Celine Weber
Linda Akers
David Moore
Alex Trainor
Ian lansing
Ryan Hall
Carter Brown
Alex Trainor
Katlyn Thompson
Chad McConnell
Greta Oswald

tim faulkner gallery opened in the fall of 2007 on market street in the nulu district of downtown louisville kentucky. after 5 years we moved to a larger spot in the butchertown neighborhood to accomodate space for studios, retail art shops and the performance arts. a few years later we moved to a 26,500 sq. ft. warehouse in the portland, louisville neighborhood. after more than 4 years at that location we decided to re-focus our vision and moved to our current location, which we were fortunate enough to be able to design and customize, utilizing nearly 11 years of experience.

This new streamlined facility allow us to concentrate on what's really important: 

creating art and making it accessible to all. 

Photo: Ross Gordon